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Double Cloud | Advanced Analytics


in less than 10 minutes



DoubleCloud’s platform helps you build sub-second data analytical solutions and pipelines on proven open-source technologies like ClickHouse® and Apache Kafka®.

Managed service
for Clickhouse®

An open-source, managed ClickHouse DBMS service for sub-second analytics. Don’t take two days to set up a new data cluster. Do it with us in five minutes.

Managed Service | Clickhouse


Don’t waste time reading numerous reports and manually analyzing data - rely on AI-Insights and get fast and accurate conclusions.

Double Cloud Visualization

Managed Service
for Apache Kafka®

A fully managed open-source Apache Kafka service for distributed delivery, storage, and real-time data processing.

Managed Service | Apache Kafka


A cloud agnostic service for aggregating, collecting, and migrating data from various sources.

Double Cloud Transfer


Analytics for
Advertising Scenarios

Sub-second analytical applications for advertising agencies, AdTech platforms and brand advertisers. Replicate, process, store, and visualize data securely, seamlessly and efficiently.

Build analytics based on data from the most popular platforms such as Meta ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and others.

With DoubleCloud’s setup, configuration, and integration you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Customer-facing Analytics

Customer-facing or end-user analytics is a set of statistics, reports, and dashboards, as well as relevant and up-to-date data, within your product. Choosing the right platform for integrating analytics into your application or cloud service plays a crucial role in the perception of the value and usefulness of your product.

Analytics for Web, Mobile
& Gaming Apps

Data analytics is an essential component of the gaming industry, with game developers utilizing data to enhance the quality of their storylines, provide customized in-game experiences, expand promotional activities, and optimize revenue generation.

DoubleCloud provides the building blocks, hand-crafted guides, and examples to help you quickly build complex analytics pipelines into your product or service.

EdTech Data Analytics

Real-time dashboards and reports for EdTech and learning platforms. Store, transfer, visualize and share data seamlessly and effectively. With DoubleCloud you can leverage data analytics and take actionable insights to guarantee online learning success. Quickly create sub-second analytics for your EdTech business using proven open-source technologies.


Double Cloud | Advanced Analytics

A Modern Data Stack for end-to-end Analytics

DoubleCloud is more than just managed databases: it aggregates, stores, transfers and even visualizes your data. Built-in data transfer allows you to ingest data from external sources (e.g. Facebook or Google ad platforms) while our free BI tool helps you create dashboards in just one click.

DoubleCloud is on trusted global cloud platforms. Currently integrated with AWS and Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure and other providers coming soon.

Get in touch with us today, and let's take your organization to the next level.

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