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Slash Policy and Claims Cycles
by 90%
Reduce Weeks Off Process Timelines

Insurance institutions constantly strive to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer experiences across critical processes like claims processing, policy underwriting, fraud detection, and customer onboarding. Our Gen AI document processing solution empowers you to achieve these goals by transforming your document-driven operations.

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IDP for logistics


Unleash the potential to transform your insurance operations with these key advantages, empowering your organization to boost efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and remain competitive in a dynamic industry.

Operational Streamlining: Automate manual processing of policy documents, claims forms, and medical records to streamline underwriting, claims adjudication, and policy issuance workflows.

Cost Optimization: Decrease operational expenses by minimizing reliance on manual labor and paper-based processes for policy administration and claims handling, while reducing the risk of errors and associated costs.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure adherence to insurance regulations with automated verification of policy applications, validation of claims data, and auditing of underwriting processes, safeguarding your company's reputation and financial stability.

Elevated Policyholder Experience: Deliver faster claims resolutions, smoother policy onboarding, and transparent communication to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention for your insurance products.

Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of data-driven insights from policy documents and claims data to make informed underwriting decisions, optimize claims processes, and drive profitability.

Scalable Adaptability: Adapt to evolving business needs and insurance portfolio growth with scalable solutions that accommodate expansion without compromising efficiency or quality of service delivery.

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Benefits of IDP

Elevating Insurance Efficiency with
Intelligent Document Processing

Streamline Insurance Claims Processing

IDP revolutionizes claims management by streamlining operations, boosting policyholder experience, ensuring data integrity, maintaining regulatory compliance, and optimizing costs – empowering insurance carriers to gain a competitive edge.


Accelerated Workflows: IDP drives operational efficiency by automating data extraction from claim forms, medical records, invoices, and explanation of benefits (EOBs), reducing manual efforts and associated costs.

Expedited Claims Resolution: By accelerating the end-to-end claims lifecycle, IDP enables insurance carriers to provide quicker claims processing, enhancing policyholder satisfaction and retention.

Improved Data Accuracy: Precise and consistent data extraction facilitated by IDP leads to improved data accuracy, minimizing errors and facilitating better underwriting and risk assessment.

Regulatory Adherence: IDP accurately identifies and extracts relevant information from claims documents, helping insurance carriers maintain compliance with regulations, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Cost Optimization: The automation and streamlining of claims management operations through IDP result in significant cost savings, positively impacting profitability.

Intelligent Claim Adjudication: Generative AI capabilities enable accurate identification of ICD codes, cross-verification of diagnoses against covered policies, and recommendation of optimal treatment plans, enhancing claim adjudication processes.

Problems Solved

Operational Bottlenecks: Manual data entry and processing can create operational bottlenecks, leading to delays and inefficiencies. IDP eliminates these bottlenecks, optimizing workflow and throughput.

Policyholder Dissatisfaction: Slow claim resolutions due to manual processing can impact policyholder experience and loyalty. IDP's accelerated processing ensures timely claim settlements, improving retention.

Data Inconsistencies: Inconsistent and inaccurate data resulting from manual entry can lead to flawed underwriting decisions and potential financial losses. IDP ensures data consistency and accuracy.

KYC and AML Compliance Challenges: Addressing the complexities of manually verifying corporate ownership structures, beneficial owners, and sources of funds, ensuring compliance with KYC and AML regulations.

High Processing Costs: Manual claims processing incurs substantial labor costs and administrative overheads. IDP's automation capabilities significantly reduce these costs.

Claim Adjudication Challenges: Identifying appropriate ICD codes, verifying coverage eligibility, and recommending suitable medical procedures can be complex and error-prone. Generative AI capabilities streamline and enhance these processes.

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Streamlining Policyholder Onboarding

Leverage IDP to streamline policyholder onboarding, accelerate new business acquisition, optimize operational efficiency, deliver superior customer experiences, maintain regulatory compliance, and drive cost savings – propelling your insurance business toward sustainable growth and profitability.


Accelerated New Business Acquisition: IDP streamlines the policyholder onboarding process, enabling insurance carriers to acquire new policyholders more efficiently, reducing the time-to-revenue and facilitating business growth.

Improved Operational Efficiency: By automating data extraction and validation from application forms, identity documents etc., a larger volume of new policyholder onboardings can be handled without increase in resources.

Enhanced Policyholder Experience: IDP reduces manual processes and minimizes redundant information requests, contributing to an improved policyholder experience and fostering long-term loyalty.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Accurate and compliant data extraction facilitated by IDP helps insurance carriers maintain regulatory compliance during policyholder onboarding, mitigating the risk.

Cost Optimization: The streamlining of policyholder onboarding processes through IDP result in significant cost savings, positively impacting profitability by reducing manual efforts, errors, and associated rework costs.

Problems Solved

Inefficient New Business Acquisition: Manual policyholder onboarding processes can impede efficient new business acquisition, prolonging the time-to-revenue and hindering growth opportunities.

Operational Bottlenecks: Labor-intensive manual processes can create operational bottlenecks, leading to delays and inefficiencies in policyholder onboarding, negatively impacting productivity and scalability.

Policyholder Attrition: Poor customer experiences during the onboarding process can lead to policyholder dissatisfaction and attrition, impacting retention rates and revenue streams.

Compliance Risks: Non-compliance with regulatory requirements during policyholder onboarding can result in significant penalties, legal implications, and reputational damage for insurance carriers.

High Operational Costs: Manual policyholder onboarding processes incur substantial labor costs, potential errors, and rework expenses, negatively impacting profitability and competitiveness.

Revolutionizing Policy Underwriting

Harness the power of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to revolutionize your policy underwriting operations. By leveraging IDP's advanced capabilities, you can optimize risk assessment, expedite policy issuance, enhance operational efficiency, ensure regulatory adherence, and drive cost optimization – propelling your insurance enterprise toward sustainable growth and profitability.


Comprehensive Risk Evaluation: IDP automates data extraction and analysis from application forms, inspection reports, financial statements, and more, enabling underwriters to perform thorough risk assessments.

Accelerated Policy Binding: IDP streamlines the underwriting process, facilitating faster policy issuance, enhancing policyholder satisfaction, reducing time-to-revenue, and boosting competitiveness in the market.

Optimized Underwriting Efficiency: Automating data extraction and analysis tasks drive operational efficiency, allowing insurance carriers to handle higher submission volumes without a proportional increase in resources.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance: IDP accurately extracts and analyzes relevant information from submitted documents, aiding compliance with underwriting regulations, and mitigating risks of non-compliance penalties.

Cost Optimization for Profitability: The automation and streamlining of underwriting operations through IDP result in significant cost savings, positively impacting profitability by reducing manual efforts, errors, and associated costs.

Problems Solved

Suboptimal Risk Assessment: Manual underwriting processes may overlook critical risk factors, leading to inaccurate risk evaluations and potential financial exposure for insurance firms.

Competitive Disadvantage: Lengthy underwriting turnaround times due to manual processes can negatively impact policyholder satisfaction, hindering customer acquisition and retention in a competitive market.

Operational Bottlenecks: Labor-intensive manual tasks can create operational bottlenecks, leading to delays and inefficiencies in underwriting, impacting productivity and scalability.

Compliance Vulnerabilities: Non-compliance with underwriting regulations can result in substantial penalties, legal implications, and reputational damage for insurance carriers.

High Operational Costs: Manual underwriting processes incur substantial labor costs, potential errors, and associated financial risks, negatively impacting profitability and competitiveness.

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Unleash the transformative power of IDP and witness its profound impact on time efficiency, cost savings, and workforce empowerment. Discover how this cutting-edge solution revolutionizes insurance processes, optimizes resource allocation, and empowers your team to achieve unprecedented success.


  1. Rapid 8-week automation deployment

  2. Process more claims, policies & apps daily

  3. Eliminate backlogs from day one


  1. Lower cost per transaction

  2. Optimize workforce allocation

  3. Seamless integration with existing systems


  1. Reduce human errors in data processing

  2. Minimize manual intervention

  3. Auto-generate critical fields like ICD codes

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For Your

Simplify your document-intensive process with our IDP, the AI-powered automation solution that handles documents of varying complexities effortlessly.
We can streamline your process and offer end-to-end automation, unlike any other solution. We realize that no two business processes are the same.

Therefore, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, we adapt to any business process and handle any document-related challenge.

Template independent data extraction

Template Independent
Data Extraction

Effortlessly extract data from various templates, ensuring seamless processing and compatibility across diverse document formats.

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Powered by
Generative AI

Unlock the potential of generative AI to explore limitless creative and practical applications, revolutionizing possibilities across various domains and industries.

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Multi-Lingual &
Multi-Process Support

Versatile support for multiple languages and processes, facilitating seamless operations across diverse linguistic and procedural landscapes.

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Advanced Analytics &

Harness cutting-edge analytics to gain invaluable insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving optimization across your operations.

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